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12.5oz Candle Jar


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12.5oz Candle Jar


12.5oz Candle Jar


Our 12.5oz Tumbler Jar is a clean and sleek jar. It would be the perfect addition to any home. Soothe your senses with one of our 100% soy candles.  Made with pure soybean wax and lead free wicks.  Hand poured in the USA. 

This candle series is especially nice for those times when candle light is needed to set the mood! 

Burn time is approximately 65-80 hours depending on air currents in your home or office.

Please Note: AIR DRAFTS are not a candle's friend, so if you notice tunneling or an uneven burn, either move your candle to another location or rotate your candle 1/4 turn every time you light it.

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Scent Descriptions:

  • Bug Off this citronella and zesty lemon lime blend is an effective way to keep those pesky mosquitoes away.

  • Cactus Blossom is a vibrant fragrance with a pinch of agave, watery aloe and it’s green floral gives it a bit of botanical complexity.

  • Cuddle Weather is a sweet and sultry mix of rich amber with undertones of sandalwood and musk.

  • King is an exotic woody scent with a surprising softness at the end. You’ll smell hints of rum, amaretto and light musk.

  • Frankincense & Myrrh is a valuable commodity of the ancient world for its religious and medicinal value, this fragrance embodies the classic and enchanting aromatic blend of frankincense and myrrh, with bergamot, patchouli and sandalwood.

  • Luxe is a fresh luxurious scent with hints of sun-kissed linen, lemon and white tea.

  • No. 25 this scent is a blend of frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood and fir balsam. It’s the perfect scent to warm up any space with its bold yet balanced notes.

  • Odor-Be-Gone 2 will wipe out smoke and odors while adding an invigorating fresh fragrance to the air.

  • Onyx has traces of apple blossom, saffron threads, black currants and with a warm base of star anise and amber.

  • Pineapple Sage is an exotic blend of sweet pineapple and aromatic sage.

  • Peppermint & Eucalyptus is the perfect blend of peppermint with tingly, earthy eucalyptus for a refreshing spa-like scent.

  • Stress-Less is the perfect blend of fresh lavender, white sage and aromatic herbs.

  • Sweet Merlot is a sophisticated twist of red wine and black cherries with hints of aged oak and apples.