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About Us

About Us

I've always enjoyed burning candles and there is nothing that warms up a room like the aroma from a candle with great scent throw.  With a pronounced enthusiasm for candles I struggled with finding the perfect candle that had the right amount of fragrance that would not agitate my son's allergies or asthma. I thought to myself; if I can't find the candle of my heart then I will make it!

At Blue Lotus Candle Creations we have spent countless hours perfecting our scents so that they will be a perfect addition to your home or office at a price point that anyone can appreciate. Each candle is hand poured with care and given individual attention. We use all natural soy wax, high quality fragrance oils and our wicks are lead and zinc free. We add our fragrances at the perfect temperature to guarantee uniform scent throw from the first use to the last.